61 Simple Daily Reminders for a Happy Life


Life happens - and sometimes we just need a few daily reminders throughout the day - when the mind just goes too fast and our feelings, senseless.


  1. Posted by kaileejjp, — Reply

    Yep this is great I showed this to my sis and she smiled it was awesome :)) she hasn't smiled like that in a while

  2. Posted by falaqxa, — Reply

    I really do want to live life by this, I need more happiness in my life :) ty person who posted this ❤️

  3. Posted by eevapearce, — Reply

    this quote is something i really should try to remember ....

  4. Posted by fdrafarkas, — Reply

    And what if when i am waiting for something it makes me happy?

  5. Posted by bounaceurmustapha, — Reply

    that 's correct ’ Waiting is an extreme case of hesitation

  6. Posted by ilsegroenevem, — Reply

    It's all about waiting anyways

  7. Posted by zakiyalayne, — Reply

    so basically "patience”

  8. Posted by bhegs04, — Reply

    Take that Aaron Burr!

  9. Posted by JonniNicoleParsons, — Reply

    so good!

  10. Posted by AnimoBlog, — Reply

    Amazing quote.

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