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  1. Posted by zozotheclown, — Reply

    If a total stranger asks you out, and you are in a crowd andor public, TIP: start crying. Sure, you might embarrass your self, but it will cause attention to you and that guy will go doooowwwnnn. Or, you can use this pin which is very useful (I pinned it to "Use")

  2. Posted by saminaminahehewakawakahayhay, — Reply

    i mean i’m a girl and you can totally decline the offer like of course it’s your choice but the person was just nice, no need to be rude

  3. Posted by bxdbitchyoucantkillme, — Reply

    Or if a random stranger goes "oh and where have you been all my life" just look at them with a look on your face that us innocent as fuck and then say "hell" and give them an innocent smile

  4. Posted by Wanderlust_Writer, — Reply

    That first one...maybe it's just me but I could see it accidentally being taken like you can be bought. I'd rather say "I'm allergic" and walk away

  5. Posted by warriors1022, — Reply

    Naruto Uzimaki I hope there are more Feminists out there than sexist men. We stand up for ourselves, and, like it or not, there is still many countries that have a unnecessary difference between a man and a woman. Feminists need to have the power to change that.

  6. Posted by Stillcantfindausername, — Reply

    If a guy asked if he could buy me a drink I would respond “That would be nice” and if he responded with “And while we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice” I would let him buy me the drink if not, then 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. Posted by sophiamaucher, — Reply

    This is lowkey... I- are we still doing this? Ain't that shit from 2k15? How about this magical word what was it again oh yes - No. Just say that.

  8. Posted by Big_IdiotNoob, — Reply

    The only thing I don’t like about this is that everyone is always thinking it’s gonna be the man, it’s not always the man whose like this, I’m just saying, I’m not a male but sorry for being sensitive. I just think not all men are like this.

  9. Posted by zanyotaku, — Reply

    These are funny in a way that I might crack a bit of smile seeing in a book or show, but in actual rejection you either need to be firm but polite or just get away from the person if it seems like they could get violent.

  10. Posted by CatafalqueBoy, — Reply

    I’m lucky it’s only been on dating sites but I’ve never had a man respect my no. They send their dick pics, pressure me to sext them. If they were rude up until the pick up line, then you’re allowed to be a dick, too. I had a dude call me all sorts of slurs and then ask to fuck me. You bet I was rude.

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